jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

American Chopper again

Who remembers this motherfucking awesome badass bike? For real. After some long years I strated watching American Chopper again, it's all messy but the motorcycles are as awesome as always. That's why I'm always remembering my first bike crush: The Black Widow.
Almost 10 years old; CLASSIC.

Name:  blackwidow9-19.5blackandwhite.jpg Hits: 6081 Größe:  89,6 KBName:  blackwidow9-19.3blackandwhite.jpg Hits: 5251 Größe:  70,8 KBName:  blackwidow9-19.2blackandwhite.jpg Hits: 5220 Größe:  78,3 KBName:  black widow 2.jpg Hits: 5233 Größe:  56,1 KBAmerican Chopper ---->  die Bikes-blackwidow9-19.9blackandwhite.jpgName:  blackwidow9-19.7.jpg Hits: 5151 Größe:  64,1 KB


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