martes, 29 de mayo de 2012

Kat Von D's twitter pics

The tattoo artist Kat Von D is really fond of Twitter and instagram, she post a lot of pictures, and those are gather in the tumblr Katvonfunlimited. It's really interesting watching Kat's pictures and the life around her (specially her home).

Each time I walk past this @kevinllewellyn painting in the hallway, I’m either motivated to become a better artist, or discouraged that I could never be as skilled of a painter as he. Either way, I’m left inspired. [May 27th, 2012]Callin’ it a night at @highvoltagetat - today was perfect. [May 26th, 2012]Clear vinyl. #recordradness  [May 26th, 2012] Katwoman von D doing her homework like a good masked crusader. [May 25th, 2012 via Sandra]I’M COMPLETELY AMAZED… RT @KevinLlewellyn: Finishing this drawing for @thekatvond…. [May 25th, 2012]Sweet dreams to all. Xo. [May 23rd, 2012]Vocal exercises plus a few runs thru the song before headin’ to@dannylohner ’s to rehearse before soundcheck [May 19th, 2012]Sweden is down with Mr. Lovecraft. #bookwormsunite [May 12th, 2012]Such beautiful sights to see w @69eyesofficial [May 12th, 2012]One for every occasion. #skullring [May 11th, 2012]

lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

Cordylus cataphractus

The Armadillo Lizard (Cordylus cataphractus) is a lizard endemic to desert areas of southern Africa. It is also known as the Typical Girdled Lizard, Armadillo Girdled Lizard, Golden Armadillo Lizard, and Armadillo Spiny-tailed Lizard. 

 The Armadillo Lizard possesses an uncommon antipredator adaptation, in which it takes its tail in its mouth and rolls into a ball when frightened. In this shape it is protected from predators by the thick, squarish scales along its back and the spines on its tail. This behavior, which resembles that of the mammalian armadillo, gives it its English common name. This behavior may have inspired tales of the mythical creature Ouroboros.


sábado, 26 de mayo de 2012

Sneek a Peek: Henry Cavill filming “Superman: Man of Steel”

This pics are from last summer, but I just bumped into them. Omg... the lack of his red underwear it's really distracting, is it not?