martes, 29 de mayo de 2012

Kat Von D's twitter pics

The tattoo artist Kat Von D is really fond of Twitter and instagram, she post a lot of pictures, and those are gather in the tumblr Katvonfunlimited. It's really interesting watching Kat's pictures and the life around her (specially her home).

Each time I walk past this @kevinllewellyn painting in the hallway, I’m either motivated to become a better artist, or discouraged that I could never be as skilled of a painter as he. Either way, I’m left inspired. [May 27th, 2012]Callin’ it a night at @highvoltagetat - today was perfect. [May 26th, 2012]Clear vinyl. #recordradness  [May 26th, 2012] Katwoman von D doing her homework like a good masked crusader. [May 25th, 2012 via Sandra]I’M COMPLETELY AMAZED… RT @KevinLlewellyn: Finishing this drawing for @thekatvond…. [May 25th, 2012]Sweet dreams to all. Xo. [May 23rd, 2012]Vocal exercises plus a few runs thru the song before headin’ to@dannylohner ’s to rehearse before soundcheck [May 19th, 2012]Sweden is down with Mr. Lovecraft. #bookwormsunite [May 12th, 2012]Such beautiful sights to see w @69eyesofficial [May 12th, 2012]One for every occasion. #skullring [May 11th, 2012]

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