sábado, 17 de octubre de 2009

Absolut scandinavian mythology

"If you're more into a myth based costume for halloween, a few years ago Jean Paul Gaultier joined forces with Absolut Vodka, for their take on Scandinavian mythology, with Jean Baptiste Mondino behind the lenses.
A couple of the outfits for the guys would be somewhat unwearable unless you're ok with being really cold :) I for one, would go for Lucia's one."

Ava - The enchanting dancer in the mist

Viking - Conqueror of the seven seas

Lucia - Brings light to the darkest night

Valkyria - The beautiful godess of the battlefields

Midsommar - The pagan mistress of Swedish Summer Nights

Oxdan - The fighter of the matting bulls

Nacken - Virtuoso violinist and stealer of souls

Valborg - The fire that chases evil spirits away

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