jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

Mainly art

Fyodor Pavlov.

Freehand sketches. I don’t know how my husband manages to draw perfection without any preliminary pencil sketches in his books. That shit is hard… as is evident by the mess above. I do like the little Cecil Beaton in the left corner.Regurgitating my goff youf. post-punk and lostsplendor - Gay’s Weimar Culture is every bit as brilliant as I anticipated and you said. So the above is at least partially your fault. You should both go up to your rooms now and think about what you’ve done.Today feels like the very first day of autumn at last. Rain, tea, paints and a Bright Young People documentary. Perfect, if a little bittersweet.Apparently drawings that I do while sleep-deprived and caffeinated to the point of shakes come out better than stuff I draw at any other point. The man with the monocle worries me in an arousing way. I think it’s the undercut.Another sketchbook page from hurricane lockdown. Some freak show babies.Basmanov, I thought we talked about this. …I think I have a problem. P.S. Eugh, I could have done a much better profile of Ivan. Oh well.Fyodor Basmanov, tzar Ivan’s favorite and one of the first members of the oprichnina. So hot. So pretty in a sarafan.   (<3 to Phobs for the inspiration to not put off seeing this any longer, and for the gif.)I woke up today to a thunderstorm of apocalyptic proportions. It has not stopped since our fabulous boozing with the visiting relative and rock star, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. So I have spent the entire day in-doors, working on the costume and props for a new act we are debuting this Sunday, and finishing up this drawing. Even though I started it on Friday when I was home sick, it seems to suit the mood created by this downpour.Sketch page from today. I’ll be sad when the cream pages run out. Luckily, I have two whole sections of them!I spent the day drinking tea, watching The Shiek and All About Eve, and thinking about how insanely hot Rudolph Valentino, Bette Davis and Marlene Dietrich are, and how I would like to have sex with them forever and ever.The two from this sketchbook page are popping up again, with a story. I have decided to name them Ada and Gerhardt. The SS officer is not in this picture, though he is Ada’s husband. This is not going to end well for anyone. Oh dear.Ella from Baritarian Boy again. I don’t know why I keep drawing her in 1900-1910s clothes more than 1920s and ’30s, when her story takes place. A portrait of the unbelievable Vicky Butterfly. If she isn’t a living Mucha painting and the epitome of the English rose, I give up. I was hoping to do her beauty justice, but I’m not so sure.Queen Zsu Zsa’s consort. He’s got a touch of the crazyface. In fact, he was a bit of Baritaria’s Vlad the Impaler in its fight with the Turkish invasion. This is what my sister and I are actually like. Fact.

Me encanta cuando los artista tienen su propio blog.

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