domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

Clothing for the wicked

I'm in love. Now, this is how you are supposed to get dress to kill, baby. Toxic Vision tumblr and etsy.

alice. toxic visiongypsy - toxic visiontormentor - Toxic Visionblack widow - Toxic VisionMaiden - outfit by Toxic Visionblack leather - Toxic Visionlong leopard Toxic Vision jacketToxic Vision leather n lace..worn by Kelly EdenToxic Vision warriorMiz Zee - Toxic Visionstudded lace / Toxic Vision clothing - model Kassandra LoveLivewire / Toxic Visionme the designer / Toxic VisionBatwings / Toxic Vision / photo by Dana BrushetteToxic VisionBAD BUNNYme the designer of Toxic Visionthroatofdeath:   Toxic Vision jacket

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Stéphane Malingue dijo...

c'est superbe, conaissez vous antiseptic fashion a voir sur, stéphane