lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009

¿Por qué será que no me regalan cosas así?

Dreadgul Things by Raven (Shop on etsy)
REAL bird skull necklace/ Gingersnaps inspired gothic black beaded choker/ goth vampire victorianAged Spider jewelry box / chest with spider web details/ gothic wooden giftWood Spider Purse/ Aged black  box purse with wood burned web / Steampunk victorian vampireON RESERVE FOR KLEIGH/ Spider web  Box/ wood burned gothic decoration/ stash box/ haunted trinket box  giftAged Coffin Box with Mirror / Morbid home decorAged Coffin Box with Mirror / Morbid home decorVamp  Box purse / aged stained wood / gothic cross and blood red rhinestone/ EGL victorian steampunk clutchCreepy Wood Spider web Tray/ Haunted gothic wood burned decoration/ aged giftHunger Vampire Purse / wood purse with ankh and blood red charm

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